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Frugal Fashion for Spring 2013

It may not feel like it just yet, but the daffodils have sprung and spring is on its way. Following on from Fashion Weeks all around the world, everyone is talking about spring’s hottest trends, and magazines are jam-packed with what we’ll be wearing over the next few months. In the spirit of all things Preloved and with thrift on my mind, I am here to give you guys and gals the lowdown on this season's hottest looks and where you can go to get them for less. First up are the ladies. Women’s fa

Frugal Fashion for AW12

Autumn is hot on our heels now, so in this month's Second Hander I'm talking autumn and winter seasonal trends, alongside ways to hold onto summer a bit longer in your wardrobes. And there's also some tips on how to get a slice of celebrity style for less on Preloved. Buying secondhand is no longer seen as taboo, in fact it's downright thrifty and, let's face it, we all love a brilliant bargain, don't we?! Every summer the high streets are flooded with fifties vibes and this year doesn't disapp

Cash & Fashion Conscious

Spring is in the air! The days are lasting longer, there are daffodils as far as the eye can see and London Fashion Week has been and gone so that can only mean one thing. It's time for the Spring/Summer collections to start filtering down to the High Streets and for us to start snapping up the key trends. That said, you might still be feeling the pinch from Christmas so in the spirit of all things thrifty, I am going to show you how to get this seasons key looks for less. Prints – Prints are M

Cash & Fashion Conscious

I have been dying to dig out my winter wardrobe for a couple of months now, however the unpredictable UK weather has had us swanning around in summer dresses and sandals. Oh, and did I mention that this was just in October? I shouldn’t complain really as our ‘actual’ summer was a bit of a flop but by the time it gets to October/November hibernation sets in and I just want to be wrapped up in cosy knits and thick socks. So I am actually pretty glad that the weather is turning, it’s getting a bit

Brighton’s Newest Cafes

It’s pretty much official, Brighton has more cafes than it does home ware shops. Now, that’s saying something. Well, maybe not, but it seems us Brighton folk just can’t get enough of our hot beverages. You can’t turn a corner now without a new joint opening up and serving us up yet more diverse blends and home baked offerings, and I tell you now, we are not complaining. Here’s my top 4 of the newest cafe’s in town… Small batch are popping up all over town at the moment and it’s ace. Pretty muc

Brighton Source

The whole ‘dinner and a movie’ date thing has clearly influenced the type of films that get made these days, because barely a week goes by without a new rom com to make you laugh your way to a gooey heart. Except most actually makes you want to kill every person in love, and anyone that looks capable of affection, just to be sure. It’s not all bad though – to coincide with the Brighton Comedy Festival here’s six that you could take home to meet your mum. 50 First Dates Punch Drunk Love isn’t r

The Brighton Weekend Edit

This weekend we dedicate our edit to all our fans by the coast; it's a seaside takeover. With it's winding lanes full of endless treasures and a mutlitude of haunts which offer afternoon chilling or late night partying, Brighton is the place to be... but be wary of that sea breeze people! We hit up this fab Brighton based blogger, She's Called Claire to get the low down. With a penchant for DIY, a catalog of yummy food and a wardrobe filled with Beyond Retro... this gal brings you all the top ti

The perks of coworking

Both of us super gals are freelancers and both of us have experienced the perils of working from home. Sure, initially you think it’ll be a great idea but sure enough sooner or later you find it’s Thursday lunchtime and you haven’t had any human contact with anyone all week except your cat, you haven’t had a shower yet and some terrible daytime tv show is on quietly in the background. No wonder your productivity levels are sinking fast! We both had separate studios before setting up the HQ and